18g StyleA スタイルA 85% DARK DIVA 【ディーバダーク ハロウズ b00bmjev6w ハローズ】 ダーツバレル Harrows-その他

The Harrows Soft Tip Darts Diva Dark is Super Stylish and Super Sleek. Made with 85% Tungsten titanium nitride coated barrels wich undergo through a vapour deposition process that creates an ultra tough non slip finish. Along with the high technology, the barrels also feature a super cool laser engrave Harrows Diva logo and pink color coated rings and to match that they added clear pink shafts and pink flights. A cool statement for the style conscious player. This Harrows dart set of 3 also features:
・ Barrel: 85% Tungsten ・ Shaft: Medium, Clear Pink Nylon Super Grip (DW32977) ・ Flight: Standard, Diva ・ Tip: 2BA Soft ・ Weight: 18 Grams

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